medic vs engineering

M: they memorize every inch of the book
and write the same thing on exam
E: they understand every inch of the
book, table, graph. and refer them
back in exam paper. (sumtimes they cant
refer though..)

M: they studied things that discovered
in the past and rarely heard about
E: they studied things that discovered
in the past, things that invented
today, things to be done tomorrow, and
improved new things every hours.

M: they studied for large amount of
years, and still at the same level for
E: they studied less amount of years,
and improve skills of level years by

M: they worked to save live.
E: they worked to improve live.

M: they dont have a specific work
schedule. sometimes called in the
middle of the night.
E: its always from 9 am to 5 am.
and work can continue at home...

M: they have a steady salary and
seldomly increased.especially when
they are not specialized.
E: the salary never decreased. it
always increased by years.

M: they didnt have much holidays.
E: they have holidays like others.

M: they seldomly go for outstation
unless there is event.
E: there is always oppurtunity for
outstation, and it is part of the

M: they need lot of people to assist
them for an operation.
E: they assist a lot of people for an

M: a little mistake is fatal.
E: a little mistake is fatal too.

M: they work with fate and faith.
E: they work with certainty and

M: they go home with chemical odor.
E: they go home with Calvin Klein odor.

M: they have to deal with mental,
social, and emotion.
E: they deal with physical, mental and

M: they work with equipement engineer
develope everyday.
E: they seek for medical for healthy
M for medic
E for engineeering

jz 4 fun k:)

M: medic student only go for certain
field and rarely have a chance to do
something differ from what they
specialized for.
E: engineer can do a lot of thing
for example they can get involved in
various type of engineering.

M: medic can ask their patients wats
wrong wif them.
E: they cant ask, they have to figure
out themself wats wrong with their
patient. (the machine..)

is dat true??:P


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